You have all no doubt seen an eyeglass repair kit. The tools are quite small. There is the tiniest little screw driver and even tinier replacement nuts. I just stare at everything in wonder. Even smaller is a watch repair kit. Not many people have them because some things are best left to the pros. I say this because I tried to fix my broken watch with disastrous results. I am handy around the house, and even counsel others in DIY projects, but this one is not my forte. I misassumed that my talents could extend farther afield. I was sorely disappointed.

Take my word for it and don’t waste your time unless it is a simple matter of replacing a dead battery. Anything else will be beyond your skills. And you will have to be sure you get the right one. It’s okay to dabble in a bit of plumbing or appliance rewiring, maybe light electrical work, but a watch is a different animal. None of the same principles apply. Unless you take a class in watch repair, it is better left to others. I have always touted the ability to do things on your own. You learn by trial and error. Plus, there are numerous YouTube videos that will instruct you in anything from fixing a roof, to installing a pool or installing a new battery in your watch – but don’t necessarily think of watch repair as a way to save money. If you muck it up, it will end up costing more. So, my advice on DIY has a clear limit. I am offering words of caution only today.

I tried to fix my watch because I need it every day and depend on its accuracy and reliability. If you take it to the repair shop, it could end up taking weeks to come back to you. I wanted to be efficient and save time. I can’t be without my timepiece even for a few days. Money is always an issue as well. But despite these motives, I must say that I failed miserably. To get my confidence back, I am going to put in new track lighting and an updated kitchen faucet. The watch repair kit is going back into the drawer. I will soon be back on track with my regular routine.

It is fun to try new things and have a challenge now and then. I now know that these challenges should be in the construction and building realm. There is always a lot more to learn and is a supremely practical enterprise. I am pleased to say that this is a field in which I excel. I counsel everyone to try their hand at something around the house. You feel useful as you develop a new hobby. I built a guest house for a friend from the foundation up. With a project like this, you cover all the traditional bases. You never run out of things to do when you are a pro at DIY.