You Can Take it With You

Moving is a major pain for everyone, and we have all done it. Anyone who has relocated even once knows how hard it is to pack. You first have to make a list of everything you don’t want to keep and what to do with it—give it a way, toss it, or donate? Few people have the space to take everything they own to their new abode. You want to take all the small stuff you have accumulated for years and, of course, all personal belongings, hobbies, and clothes. You need ample boxes of all sizes and plenty of energy and some help.

You may want to take larger items like refrigerators, stoves, washers and dryers, and the like. Otherwise, you just end up buying new ones at a significant cost. Unless your things are old and worn out, you will want to continue to make use of them. Then there are all the things in the garage taking up valuable space such as small appliances, electric tools, and maybe a work station or bench. Look in all the drawers and on the wall-mounted shelves. Keep walking around the house. You will notice more things to worry about. What about that marvelous grill you bought last summer in that super-size? It is a barbecue chef’s delight and it cost a pretty penny. You can’t possibly part with it. Not far, you will come across your hot tub in all its glory. Surely this has to stay. But let me tell you right now, you can take it with you. If you were smart enough to buy a mobile unit, and not everyone does, it is easy to move. This may come as a giant surprise, but it is true. Many hot tubs can be emptied and folded up or toted with some help. I know one fellow who uses a small tractor to move his around the yard looking for the ideal spot.

You will of course want to remove any cover to make sure it is not damaged or ripped during the hot tub’s relocation. You will want to remove any movable parts that will get lost or broken in the process. Sometimes some manpower is all that is needed to move a hot tub a short distance. A couple of friends will do. If it is going to a new home, say a couple of miles away, you may want a professional mover or someone recommended by your local pool supply store. It all depends on the size of your hot tub and of what it is made. The fabrication will impact the total weight and whether or not there are adjustable and foldable parts. The point is that it can be moved if you are thoughtful about it and take adequate precautions. Put in some time on finding out the best methods and you can’t go wrong. It is enough for now to know that you can do it.