This blog has to do with your quality of life, and that includes the very air you breathe. Your home is your special abode, a refuge from the world; and it should give you proper shelter and protection from the elements. When people facetiously say “gimme shelter,” they are referring to the roof overhead that will ward off rain, wind, snow, and hail. What else plagues the average citizen?

Your place of shelter should be somewhat commodious and above all comfortable. We do talk about the comforts of home and that includes having the right appliances in the kitchen, a quiet place to sleep, a clean place to shower and shave, and also clean air. You can’t take any of these things for granted–no not clean air as odd as that may seem. Some people think it is just an extra burden to attend to at home and something expensive to buy. Shouldn’t you count on it automatically? Air purifiers are not common in new home construction, and maybe they should be. A quality filtering system will let you breathe easier and assuage all those rampant allergies that are plaguing modern man. No, you can’t assume the air in your new home is adequate to keep you healthy and sleeping well through the night. Airborne pollen and allergens wreak havoc on the respiratory system and something can be done about it for a little cash outlay. There are many fine appliances that do the job from Honeywell, Kenmore, Hunter, Oreck, Whirlpool, and Holmes. You will get better air quality if you choose well. They don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Taking care of one’s home means more than making all the on-going necessary repairs, and painting a room or two now and then, not to mention that filthy garage door and greasy floor It means more than attending to the landscaping, the back fence, the driveway, and inspecting the plumbing and electrical systems. It also means looking into air quality and understanding its importance for the well-being of the occupants. Here’s an area where you don’t need to spend money on the professionals. You can do the leg work yourself and check out the various models online. You can learn about carbon and HEPA filters, the role of oscillation, and the nature of photoplasma technology, thermodynamic sterilization, ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, and so much more. You can become the expert who choses just how and why your air is to be filtered of impurities like mold, pollen, bacteria, smoke, dust, odors, germs, and the like. Perhaps you don’t want to spend a whole lot and want to grab a cheap air purifier for under $100. Once you realize what is flooding in your windows and doors, you will be appalled.

Having an air filtering system in the guise of an air purifier is not an option nor a luxury. It I, in fact, something we should all have, especially at our bedside. They are as important as a toaster oven, an electric mixer, a water softener, or a coffeemaker. Put an air purifier on the top of your Must Buy list right away and get started with your research. Set a due date by which you will have one up and running. Don’t get deterred by the prospect of cleaning it or changing the filters now and then. It’s fast and easy if you follow the instructions. The machine usually tells you with a blinking light when it is the right time. Modern technology is marvelous, isn’t it! Remember, you will have to vacuum and dust the house less when an air purifier is in operation, so that frees you to do other simpler chores.