There are always things that can be done to a property overall and especially around the house. If you are a DIY fan, you will love the tips that abound online. I have my own set on a variety of topics. Today’s blog is about finding the right wine refrigerator for that special, and growing, collection.

Not everyone likes wine and few have leftover space in any case when they have been living in a home for any length of time. But for those real aficionados, there is always a way. Wine is a wonderful pastime, hobby, and gourmet enjoyment, and when you make it a part of your lifestyle, you can really class up the joint. I am here to say that installing a wine refrigerator is not difficult, expensive, or time consuming. The first task is to review the choices.

Once you have determined that there is a want and a need, assess where the unit is likely to go. That will dictate the model based on size and shape. If you only have a few feet, there are slim condo versions on the market. If you want to store dozens of bottles, you go larger. Wine fridges run from about 12 bottles to over 50. If you have a man cave in your basement, the latter may be right for you. Otherwise, your choices are usually limited to what location is available.

Next comes the budget. The prices range from one hundred to a thousand dollars…maybe more. If you are not operating a restaurant, you will want something in the middle of the road. The brands to look at are Wine Enthusiast, Whirlpool, NewAir, Cuisinart, and many more. Sites like Home Bar Hero will help you choose. With some help, you’ll quickly zero in depending upon who has models in the desired price range. Not all make countertop and narrow models, so take the time to read up and compare.

Smaller wine coolers have only one temperature control. If you are storing many bottles that include reds and whites, you surely will want dual control. This is super important. No one wants to drink chilly reds and room temperature whites. Wine needs loving care and the device that houses it will impact aging and drinkability.

Décor is a factor for many. You want your fridge to fit in with your “look” and above all scream up to date and modern. No doubt you will select a matte finish stainless steel with a glass door. No installation will be required for free standing units, but under counter models that go in kitchens and bar areas need a professional touch. You must measure carefully to be sure what you order will glide easily into place.

Of minor import is the noise factor. All things being equal, why not get a wine fridge that doesn’t roar. A gentle hum is best. You will also not want a unit that vibrates as this may affect the rich notes and distinct flavors of the contents. Safeguarding your collection is as important as having it ready to serve. You will also want a digital touchscreen, LED display, and a unit that is thermoelectric, energy-efficient and CFC-free.