Sorting Out Household Paints

Household Paints

There are some paint jobs around the home that are easy enough for the average homeowner to do, with a little bit of elbow grease and the right paint for the job. Buying the right paint isn’t just a matter of going to your local hardware and picking the right color. You may find when you do so that there is a confusing array of paint products to choose from.

Painting The Inside Of Your Home

Repainting the inside of your home usually involves the desire to change colors for a different effect, or to freshen up the colors you now have in the home. Decide which one of these is most important to you.

If you will be changing colors, it’s important to choose a paint that will completely cover the old paint color. Usually, primer will be needed if a change in color is desired. Some paints include primer in them. Although they are more expensive to purchase, they may be less expensive than buying the primer separately.

Flat paint is usually chosen for walls. If you are seeking to highlight a certain feature or wall, glossy paint can be used for those specific areas. Glossy white paint is normally chosen by contractors for baseboards, window frames and molding. Glossy paint may also be chosen for a ceiling, to add the illusion of height to a room.

Paint shades may fade over time. This can be a problem if you only want to paint part of a wall or room. If you choose the original paint color, you may find that it no longer exactly matches your wall.

If you have a color that you used before and are trying to match it, it’s a good idea to take a paint chip from the original wall to show to the hardware professional. You can also take some sample paint cards home to see what shade matches your original paint. You hardware professional may be able to mix or lighten a new color so that it will match your existing wall color.

Painting The Outside Of Your Home

Because most people are overly conscious of the way the outside of their home looks to others, it may be a good idea to leave any exterior repainting that needs to be done to the professionals. Repainting the outside of your house requires exterior paint that is weather proof. It also requires a great deal of preparation work, such as exterior power washing, removal of old paint and grading of uneven painting surfaces. It must be done in the correct weather conditions for the exterior paint to adhere well. It also involves reaching heights. For all of these reasons, this may be a job that is too large for you to do yourself.

Preparation is really the key in any house-painting job. If you have the right materials and the right planning before you begin, your job will take less time, and you will end up spending less money.

Get the paint right and get it done right.